amocking_bird (amocking_bird) wrote in creativerity,

Just a Quick Selection :)

So you can get to know me...

The Rookery

Bawdy rooks
squawk and crawk;
young crows flashing,
beaks clacking.
Ruffled black feathers
flap, black black!
on snapping wire.


She fills me with this rather
inexplicable ease...
that puckers around my lips
like sour candy kisses.

I'm not used to the gentle
cardboard cutout summernoon
she brings everywhere she goes.
Like when I search for childhood,
it's there; terry cloth shorts and all.

She's all tanned legs and braces and
even when she tucks her hair,
or rolls her eyes, she's beautiful
in a boyish
and utterly disarming way. If she knew
she was, I think I'd
hate her.


Emotions, brown foxes; skitter-
orange peel rows with citrus scent,
I want,
like Christmas, red and fur
coats and cold, longing;
it spells longing,
like the lonely green cabs of the city
in cold December.

Gold tinsel sparkles hope and yet,
it's muted,
as though through glass I view
my softly padding

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the only thing mockingbird's do is sing. so says atticus. so thank you for singing. i liked the melody.
Your style is cliché, but you do it well. You'll get famous if you try hard.