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First Post

These are just a couple of my writings, thank-you for allowing me to share. :)

Raccoon-eyed and Melting

Within the hour I’ll leave another setting sun.
But you and I, we are just skin verses skin,
Beneath a midnight blanket.
Swallow dirty ashes,
Just to wash away the taste of you.
Carve you out of the evening sky,
Out of my skin, leaving angry rose trails,
Plowed into my arms.
Before I reach every part of you,
Cast waves upon each neighboring shore,
You bring your pictures,
But we know it is not the same.
Trail your forefinger along the canvas of
A flaking sun, promise to buy me an ocean,
You just whisper “Goodnight” over your shoulder.
And we fall in love again,
You with the world,
I with your smell.
Open the door yourself,
Just let me catch its closing wind.

A Certain Suffering

Life is truly beautiful and terrible all at once.
Your windows lose their transparency right before me.
But when you walk,
Winter plants life in the exposed earth of your step.
Sleep creative but walk in straight lines.
Fall into a pattern of action, but in turn, regret.
Settle deep within my pockets.
You all have the same faces, the same lips,
With your less than brilliant words.
I pass with static growth.
You are the ghost of every skin,
I tried to leave behind.
You are a cancer,
And you will be the death of me.

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