|| Tonight, I am the drug that you can't deny || (springhazsprung) wrote in creativerity,
|| Tonight, I am the drug that you can't deny ||

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I beg a minute of your time.

Corner of my mind

Don't try to look inside me
Pushing past the barriers I set up so carefully,
For when you tear down my defence
What you see will make no sense.
In my mind there's mess strewn across the floor;
A jumble of thoughts nobody can decipher
An ancient language you cannot read
No telling where this Labyrinth will lead.

Didn't I warn you not to come inside?
There's no escape, no way out- I've tried
It's too late now, the end of the day
Make yourself comfortable, you'll just have to stay.
Clear the mess, but don't organise
Can you see pain when you look in my eyes?
Ignore it. I've cleared a corner you can use.
A corner of my mind, for nothing but you.

This corner has saved my sanity
Belongs to you, but is a part of me
I like sitting here, a day amongst night
Watch dusk specks glitter as they catch the light.
The rest of my mind grows with fear and hate
Mountains of brambles I can't penetrate
Their thorns cut deep, but I still ignore
And as they grow, so this pain becomes more...

Then it's gone, everything lost.
Nothing remains. Blank, white void.
I shiver, cold from the frost.
I turn, your corner has been destroyed.

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